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Searching the Catalogue

You can use the Basic Search Screen to do a simple keyword search across all fields.    These include Title, Author, Series, Date, ISBN, Abstract (where the record includes one) and Keywords.

The Advanced Search Screen allows you to do a more flexible and sophisticated search.    For example, you can limit your search to a particular format and/or collection, eg. Journal, Thesis, Agricultural Research Report or PDF document. (See the checkboxes on the Advanced Search Screen).

There is an art to creating a good search strategy.    Use one keyword or string two or three together.   Unless you're very familiar with the catalogue, limit your search strategy to two or three keywords. Try to use unique terms rather than very common ones.    This will help you to limit the number of hits you receive. (250 is the cut-off number; nevertheless, the catalogue is likely to hold even more on the topic.)    Experiment with using different combinations of likely keywords or choose a record that looks close to what you’re after and see where its hyperlinked indexing takes you.    If you’re having problems, ask a library staff member for assistance (extn 6418).

Making a Shortlist

Tick the items that particularly interest you and notice how they get added to your shortlist (bibliography) on the right hand side of the screen.   You can display your shortlist by clicking on the Shortlist tab at the top of the screen. From there, you can print or email the list.

Managing your Shortlist and Placing Loans

You also place loans from your shortlist.    Click on the Shortlist tab at the top of the screen and it will allow you place loan requests or to delete items from the list.

Managing your Loans

The ‘My Loans’ tab allows you to manage your loans.    Go here to see what you’ve got reserved, on loan or what’s still waiting for library staff to process for you.


DPIPWE and DTAE staff have password access. The username and password are the same as those that you use to log in to the DPIPWE network. If you've forgotten yours please email the CIT Helpdesk.

Members of the public are welcome to access the catalogue via browse mode. (Shortlist and loan facilities are not available in Browse.)


All library catalogues are different.    It’s no reflection on you if you struggle to locate an item.    If this is the case, or you’re running short of time, phone or email the library.